Tidal Wave of Mystery



From All Sides very well may be one of the best songs Lights has ever written wow I’m in love with it

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Enjoying the new LIGHTS album a lot more than I expected to, since I wasn’t too big on the single released a few weeks back.

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Just swatted a fly straight out of the air with a book and killed it instantly. 

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I’m getting coffee with this guy later and I should be excited about it but I’m too busy worried about all the work I have lmao school is ruining my life

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This article on a generative approach to typology is literally making me laugh out loud. Literally.

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Even if we don’t count the naps I’ve taken, a full 24 hours of my weekend has been spent sleeping. 

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New game: guess what I was trying to say when I texted you in one language while my phone’s keyboard was in another.

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Wouldn’t be a proper Sunday if I wasn’t reading generative linguistics and getting mad about it

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