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Whitney and I are in a room in Turlington dancing to Born This Way to celebrate our intrinsic tendency to procrastinate until the very last minute before a deadline. 

Thanks, Megan. 

I literally took a three and a half hour nap only a few hours ago and I’m already ready to go back to bed







actual photo of robert and stannis baratheon

not pictured: Renly Baratheon


sweet jesus it’s perfect

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I had my students play pictionary today to review the vocab. One of the words was “lana”. After that round was over one student was like “LANA DEL REY” so I asked her if she could tell me what that technically translates to in English and without missing a beat she looked at me with a completely serious face and said “summertime sadness.”

I literally just got so overwhelmed by this paper in the middle of class that I went to the bathroom to cry for a hot minute